The best of both worlds.

Why Yours?

A done-for-you managed office space which combines the benefits of a traditional leased office such as the privacy and customisation, but takes away many of the management and financial burdens. With this solution, everything is taken care of for you, from office space strategy and design to building the space and ongoing office management. All with no-upfront costs and as low as 24-month minimum terms.


Expertly managed

Managing workspaces is what we do. You will have a dedicated Workspace Experience Manager, and a web & mobile app to make communication & space management easy.

Increased productivity

Our workspaces are designed for activity based working, allowing your team to choose from a variety of settings, encouraging your team’s work experience and performance.


You get a space which is truly yours and reflects your company’s style & branding. Your company logo, choice of meeting room names and wall colours are all included.

Network of spaces

Fully embrace agile working and gain access to our network of coworking spaces across the country. Perfect for off-site meetings and overflow space.


We remove the hassle and frustration of moving & managing offices. Ready to use from move-in day, so you can focus on your business while we do the rest.


Head of Operations
“We were really impressed with the core specification and the extras available to us, but the service is what sets Yours apart. They really want us to have a great moving experience, and that didn’t stop once we signed on the dotted line.”

Yours managed office vs DIY lease

When compared to an example 5,000 sq ft Cat A+ lease, Yours delivers a fully managed space and upfront capital savings year 1 for only a small premium over the DIY lease, adding substantial value for businesses over traditional leasing.

01No upfront capex
Yours allows companies to move into a brand new, plug-and-play space with no upfront CapEx, no stamp duty and minimal deposits.
02Expertly managed & hassle free
Our team covers all ongoing operational costs including IT, utilities, office supplies, printing, security and more, while you recieve simplified monthly payments.
03Agile working
With a Yours office, you can reduce your space requirements and costs through our agile designs and truly embrace agile working with access to our coworking spaces.
7% premium over term

Everything delivered & managed for you – with simplified payments.

DIY Lease

What costs you’ll have to manage and deliver yourself:

CapEx costs
Rent & property costs
Design & build costs
Operational costs (cleaning, IT, utilities, etc.)
Ongoing office management