JGP are a resourcing, advertising and recruitment marketing agency

The brief

  •  Bright space with lots of natural light
  •  Open plan layout
  •  Private meeting rooms
  •  Fully fitted kitchen, separate from the workspace
  •  Smaller square footage with bigger impact
  •  One monthly bill and streamlined experience

They were occupying a traditional leased space in Farringdon, and came to us because they were keen for a smaller space which is managed for them.

Inside JGP's office

See inside their office and hear what they had to say about their easy and hassle-free move from a traditional office to an office delivered and managed by us.

How we helped

JGP grew tired of managing their own office space and were looking for a really easy and hassle-free move. We showed them a space next to Farringdon Station, with warehouse-style windows boasting lots of natural light which could meet all their working requirements.

After the first viewing, JGP were excited by the potential of the space described in our proposal. We designed the space to be open plan with a private meeting room, fully fitted kitchen, private phone booth and breakout space. This, plus the extras available to them, and our hospitality-led service made Yours. the perfect fit for them.

Within 8 weeks of deciding on our solution, they moved into their new space, welcomed by their workspace experience coordinator and breakfast for the team. The space was ready to use from day one, so business could continue as usual.

Hot desking area


Head of Operations
“We were really impressed with the core specification and the extras available to us, but the service is what sets Yours. apart. They really want us to have a great moving experience, and that didn’t stop once we signed on the dotted line.”