The way we work is changing.
It’s time the office changes too.

The Office of the Future

The change in working behaviours is forcing businesses to rethink their office space & embrace agile working. The office of the future is activity-based with a range of settings for different styles of working.

Don’t know what’s best for your team? Don’t worry, that’s what we’re here for – no floor plan is the same, we will advise you on a workspace design which is right for your individual business needs.

Informal breakout and private meeting space

Post-Covid workspace strategy

Covid-19 has forced businesses to change how their teams work, but we
believe it’s only catalysed what was already a changing office space
culture. A Yours space is designed to be agile and is customisable to
ensure it always suits your changing business needs.

Typical Agile Workspace
New Workspace Zoning
Read more about how businesses
can safely return to the workplace.

Agile Working

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Workspace reports show that 100% of your workforce is never at their desk at the same time. Linked to the rise in modern technologies at work, like video conferencing tools and chat messaging, agile working allows employees to work wherever they want. Long gone are the days of being chained to one desk, with a big monitor and a landline phone; employees can work anytime, anywhere, however they like.

The benefits of agile working environments and agile working practices have been well-documented, and there are impressive statistics and case studies to back this up.

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