Your own space, amenities and branding, all managed by us. The hassle-free solution for an office that is truly yours.

The future of work

The way we work is changing; from how businesses use office space to the way teams work together. Agile working is a way of working in which an employer empowers their staff to decide how, when and where they want to work. Long gone are the days of being chained to one desk, with a big monitor and a landline phone; employees can work anytime, anywhere, however they like. We help businesses with 30+ team members embrace agile working by designing, creating and managing smarter spaces. Based on data from our coworking spaces, agile businesses need 70% of dedicated desks to the number of team members. With the right design, layout and amenities, your team will work better and closer together – all while saving you space.

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Why managed?

The best office space ultimately depends on your business' specific needs and goals. Offices aren’t a one-size-fits-all model; and that’s where Yours. by Work.Life comes in. We truly get to know your business and provide you with an office that fits your team’s needs, and allows you to customise your space, with your own amenities and full branding. We manage the whole process for you - from fit-out to facilities management, to all the small things like making sure the coffee machine is always topped up. You can focus on your business, whilst we manage everything else for you.

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